09.20.16 life is craaaazy.

I really wish that I could figure out how to post everyday, buuuut I can’t seem to grasp it.  LOL I’m trying.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Montreal!  We LOOOOVE Montreal.  We make a point to go at least once a year.  We always drive and it’s about 6 hours away.  We stayed in this beautiful old victorian loft.  It had 16 foot ceilings with floor to ceiling windows across a wall, glossed cement floors and of course, exposed brick!  I felt like I was living the life with the man of my dreams and I never wanted to leave.

We went to so many delicious places to eat, lots of poutine and drinks as well.   I just love Montreal so much.  The night life is amazing, the buildings are beautiful and all of the food is to die for… We went out to a strip club which I had much higher expectations for.  But to say the least we had an absolute blast.

Work is getting crazy as we are coming to the end of summer and welcoming crisp air, warm colours, and of course the holidays.  My evenings are already almost all booked up until Christmas which is absolutely crazy (in a good way).  I love being busy, it makes for such exciting days.  Theres nothing worse then sitting around for a couple of hours in the middle of your work day.

I have already picked up a couple of articles of clothing for my haul I’m going to do for the 1st of October.   I love fall clothes and boots and lattes.  Ugh, I love change of seasons!!!!


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