09.15.16 Curly hair? No frizz?

Welp, I didn’t blog yesterday!  I was so exhausted after work that I walked my dogs and fell asleep …(it’s that time of the month if ya feel me).

I can’t wait to see my boyfriend tonight, we’re going to go to Indigo and cuddle tonight!  Super excited.  I really want to buy an organizer.  Thats one thing that I need to work on is my organization skills. I feel like my time management is horrible.  I don’t get anything done after work and am always feeling like my life is a mess.  Maybe if I have an organizer I can schedule my weeks in advance.  Like make my meals this night, do my laundry this night, see my boyfriend this night, go to the gym that night………………..We shall see if I can make it work.

Today at work has been fun!  I am a curly hair specialist and work with natural curls.. I absolutely love my job and take such pride in what I do.  Would anyone like to hear about curly hair?  Or how to deal with it?  Let me know.   Anyway, today I had a client who lets me do whatever I want with her colour. Today we made her blue and teal, it’s absolutely wicked.  A lot of people think curly hair can be boring and ugly and frizzy, not my clients!  If you use the right product and take care of your hair and use proper products and have a  good cut, you won’t have ANY issues.  I promise..My favourite part of hair styling is hair colour.  There is something so fun and invigorating about changing someones hair colour and giving them a style that compliments there skin and style..

If you ever have any questions about hair, I’d love to answer them.

img_6247Look how beautiful this mermaid hair is!!!! Would you like to know what I used to create this look?  Let me know! instagram: @dyeddaisy



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