09.12.16 The Beginning

I’ve decided I want to have a place where I can come and just talk.  Whether that be about fashion, hair, recipes, DYI, or life.  I have so many ideas and I feel like this is a good way to start.  I can look back on my posts and see where my head was at that day and what my dreams and goals were and to hopefully, not lose sight of them.

My goal is to blog everyday, update on what’s been going on that day and if anything has changed or gotten exciting.

So, lets start with today.  Today is Monday, my day off.  I didn’t really do much to be perfectly honest.  I woke up, had a coffee, went for a drive to meet a friend and threw out a TON of my shoes!  I had pasta with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese with cut up broccoli for dinner and now I’m here.

I have been trying to find a studio or gym that offers spin classes throughout the week. The gym I’m at seems to book up so quickly and with my work schedule, I don’t have time to make it.  Hm, frustrating.  Anyway, thats all for today.  Catch ya tomorrow.





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